AUSPICIOUS CLOVER - Green Tourmaline Diamond Ring

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Orloff of Denmark's own; Auspicious Clover

A 2.60 ct Olive Green Tourmaline Diamond Ring set in 950 Platinum.

GIA certified 'Lucky' Olive Green Tourmaline set in 950 Platinum accompanied by an assortment brilliant VS1, F-Colored Diamonds
LGL mining certificates are included, showing the arduous journey starting from the hot iron earth as a crude crystal formation,
to then culminating into the gorgeous gem we have today.

From the lush plains of Tanzania, this wonderful green tourmaline sits proudly highlighted by 44 VS1, F colored diamonds rising up from the shank, encircling the gem, creating a glamorous display of contrasting color and sparkling shine.

Green tourmalines from the Umba River Valley, located at the heart of Tanzania and Kenya, are gems of profound beauty and natural elegance. Known for their vibrant spectrum of colors, from light, leafy greens to deep, forest hues, these gemstones capture the essence of the lush landscapes surrounding the Umba River. The unique geological conditions of the region contribute to the distinctiveness of these tourmalines, making each stone a testament to the area's rich mineralogy.


;We here at Orloff of Denmark are more than happy to present this fine piece to the public.


Ring Size: 5.5 US
Ring Weight: 5.68 grams

Hallmarks: Orloff of Denmark, PT950,


Stone Color: Olive Green, Yellowish Green
Stone Dimensions: 8.55 x 8.45 x 6.12 mm
Stone Weight: 2.60 carats
Stone Origin: Tanzania, East Africa, Umba River
Stone Shape: Round


Crown: Brilliant Cut
Pavilion: Modified Brilliant Cut


No indications of Heating or Treatment Present.


GIA Report No: 2304674877

Laser Inscription: LGL*TRMC228


Diamonds: 44pcs, 0.23, VS1, F - Brilliant


Comes with an original, Orloff of Denmark, Black Lacquer Ring Box.