BLUE DEWDROP - Blue Ceylon Sapphire Diamond Pendant

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Orloff of Denmark's;
Blue Dewdrop.

A 14 Karat White Gold Pendant set with a 1.17 carat Cornflower Blue, Ceylon Sapphire.


The centerpiece of this enchanting pendant is a captivating Ceylon sapphire, glowing with the mesmerizing hue of cornflower blue.
It's color is reminiscent of the vast fields of wildflowers, where the petals dance in a gentle breeze.

As light caresses the pendant's surface, the cornflower blue sapphire sparkles with a captivating brilliance, much like dewdrops glistening upon a cornflower petal at dawn.
Three 1 millimeter diamonds rest on the bail of the pendant rising from the sapphire's peak.
Though small, these brilliant cut diamonds pack a powerful radiance, creating a captivating play of light that enhances the sapphire's allure.


Pendant Weight: 0.620 grams


Stone Color: Cornflower Blue
Stone Dimensions: 6.42 x .515 x 4.44 mm
Stone Weight: 1.17 carats
Stone Origin: Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
Stone Shape: Pear


Crown: Modified Brilliant Cut
Pavilion: Step


Traditional Heat Treatment.


LOTUS Report No: 6447-1251 - 804781


Diamonds: 3pcs, 0.037, VS, D-F - Brilliant

Comes with an original, Orloff of Denmark, Black Lacquer Jewelry Box.

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