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A stunning pendant set with a rich blue 3.78 carat tanzanite, decorated with 27 diamonds.


This gorgeous Tanzanite began its formation on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro about 550 million years ago. Heated ground waters circulated through rock fractures, dissolving minerals from the surrounding rocks and redepositing them in open spaces like fractures. Here as the rock folded with time, the heat and pressure grew to a level where it was possible for Tanzanite to form.

This remained constant for the many millions of years between that time and the time it was discovered by man. Any changes in the environment during this time would have meant that this Tanzanite would not have formed – the heat and pressure and mix of chemicals must have stayed constant for the entire 550 million years. Hundreds of millions of years later it was chiseled from the crevice within which it had lain for so long and carried to the surface by miners in Block D of the Merelani Tanzanite mining area.

Cut by master cutters in our Tanzanian based lapidary on Goloindoi road in Arush, Tanzania and then brought to our main offices for photography and laser inscription. A journey of 550 million years has paused here.

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