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​​​​​​18K white gold pendant set with a dazzling 2.01 carat pink fancy tanzanite, decorated with 33 of diamonds of the highest quality.


Whilst the formation of blue Tanzanite was caused by the presence of Vanadium in the earth, the presence of other minerals caused a very rare occurrence of other colors to form too. These wonderful “fancy color Tanzanites” (as they are known in the trade) are very seldom found as the minerals that were responsible for their color were only present in minute quantities at the time of formation. Crystals with colors other than blue include pink, orange and a variety of greens. They are very rare and much sought after gemstones.

This gorgeous Fancy Tanzanite is one of a very few produced in a very small window of the earth's history. It was formed 500 million years ago. The host rock it formed in are late Proterozoic metasediments that were originally a series of sands and clays rich in organic matter with elevated levels of uranium, vanadium and aluminium rich minerals. These sediments were highly weathered and deposited in a lake.

This rare Fancy color Tanzanite was amongst a number of crystals that formed in this structure as a result of the enormous geological events that formed the mighty Mount Kilimanjaro. It lay there for hundreds of millions of years until it was discovered by independent Tanzanite miners as they explored deep into the earth's surface. The rough crystal found its way to Lapigems Gem Company's offices nearby in Nairobi where it was cut by our master cutters to release its inner fire. Five hundred million years after its conception this lovely, rare crystal finds itself in human hands.

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