FOREST GLIMMER - Green Sapphire Diamond Ring

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Orloff of Denmark's Forest Glimmer.

Basaltic Blueish-Green Sapphire Diamond Ring in 14 Karat White Gold.


In the realm of pure enchantment, behold the captivating beauty of a bluish-green basalt sapphire ring, flanked by two brilliant princess-cut diamonds on each side, all elegantly set in a band of 14 Karat white gold.

This bluish-green sapphire is not just a gemstone; it is a poetic expression of the wonders of nature. It carries within it the essence of distant lands, the tranquility of hidden forests, and the majesty of the elements.
The basaltic environment in which this gem is formed imbues the sapphire with a unique mix of trace elements, including iron and titanium,
which gives rise to it's characteristic blues and greens.


;We here at Orloff of Denmark are more than happy to present this fine piece to the public.


Ring Size: 5.5 US
Ring Weight: 2.67 grams

Hallmarks: Orloff of Denmark, 14K, S:1.32, D:0.34 ct


Stone Color: Bluish Green
Stone Dimensions: 6.41 x 6.17 x 3.50 mm
Stone Weight: 1.32 carats
Stone Origin: Undetermined (Basalt Related)
Stone Shape: Octagonal


Crown: Fancy Cut
Pavilion: Step Cut


No indications of Heat/Treatment Present


LOTUS Report No: 9521-1932 - 985667


Diamonds: 2pcs, 0.34, VS, D-F - Princess Cut


Comes with an original, Orloff of Denmark, Black Lacquer Ring Box.