King of Serpents - Blue Zircon

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Orloff of Denmark's King of Serpents

A 6.41 carat Blue Zircon Sculpture Ring.

The Naga, meaning 'a deity in the form of a serpent' in ancient Sanskrit, is a commonly found symbol throughout Asia. They are said to be benevolent spirits that bring prosperity, abundance and protection to those who venerate them.
Water and fertility is a also often correlated with the energy of the great serpent.
Many depictions of the Naga portray it upholding and guarding the path leading up to a sacred temple or point of congregation.
This is done in consideration of the great Serpent King Mucalinda who, when the heavens darkened for a week, is said to have protected Gautama Buddha for seven days during his enlightenment, by coiling around him seven times before standing tall and spreading his hood as a form of shelter from the elements.
This piece features a five-headed Naga encircling a 6.41 carat Cambodian Blue Zircon.

Each scale and highly defined element has been hand engraved in 95% pure platinum.

;We here at Orloff of Denmark are more than happy to present this fine piece to the public.

Metal: 950 (95% Pure) Platinum

Ring Size: 5.5
Ring Weight: 11.80 grams
Hallmarks: Orloff of Denmark, BZ 6.41, PT950

Stone Color: Ocean Blue
Stone Dimensions: 10.30 x 8.52 x 9.10
Stone Weight: 6.41 carats
Stone Origin: Ratanakiri, Cambodia
Stone Shape: Oval

Crown: Modified Brilliant Cut
Pavilion: Step Cut

Traditional Zircon Heat Treatment.