LUSCIOUS LOCH - Blue Ceylon Sapphire Diamond Ring

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Orloff of Denmark's own; Azure Serenity

A 1.77 ct Ceylon Sapphire Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold.

At the core of this ring sits a captivating 1.77 carat Ceylon sapphire, hailing from the fabled mines of Sri Lanka, completely exempt from any treatment.
This gem's vivid, but yet timid blue hue invokes a sense of tranquility, like a still lake reflecting a moonlit sky. Its alluring clarity allows light to dance and play within, forming a luminous aura that enchants all who catch a glimpse.
Nestled on either side of the sapphire, six princess-cut diamonds form a symmetrical and dazzling display of brilliance,
These diamonds radiate a fiery glow that complements the sapphire's serene charm.
The combination of all seven stones make for a robust and zealous display of beauty.


;We here at Orloff of Denmark are more than happy to present this fine piece to the public.


Ring Size: 6 US
Ring Weight: 2.75 grams

Hallmarks: Orloff of Denmark, 14K, S:1.77, D:0.39 ct


Stone Color: Medium-Light Blue
Stone Dimensions: 8.24 x 5.12 x 3.63 mm
Stone Weight: 1.77 carats
Stone Origin: Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
Stone Shape: Octagonal


Crown: Step Cut
Pavilion: Step Cut


No indications of Heat/Treatment Present


LOTUS Report No: 7171-0264 - 231340


Diamonds: 6pcs, 0.39, VS, D-F - Princess


Comes with an original, Orloff of Denmark, Black Lacquer Ring Box.

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