OCEAN GOLD - Blue Ratanakiri Zircon Gold Ring

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Orloff of Denmark's; Ocean Gold

A 6.13 ct Blue Ratanakiri Zircon Ring in 14K Gold.

Set with an astonishing 6.13 carat Ocean Blue Zircon from Ratanakiri, Cambodia.
Three bezels are fashioned to support this absolutely ravishing zircon, featuring a strong blue hue coupled with astounding levels of brilliance and dispersion.
The gem has been given the 'Ocean Blue' categorization considering it's deeper tone, vivid shine and stronger shade of blue.

This ring has been fashioned out of high quality 14 Karat gold.


Natural Zircon, which is a mineral that forms naturally deep in the Earth's crust, unfortunately tends to gets mistaken with the diamond imitation 'CZ' or 'Cubic Zirconia', a man-made mineral, synthesized in a lab through the mixing of zirconium oxide powder and metals such as magnesium and calcium.

The Zircon is an utterly outstanding gem that can take up to several million years to form and survive countless geological events, it simply doesn't deserve to be mistaken for a synthetic that can be manufactured in as little as five days.


;We here at Orloff of Denmark are more than happy to present this fine piece to the public.


Ring Size: 6.25 US
Ring Weight: 5 grams


Stone Color: Ocean Blue
Stone Dimensions: 9.30 x 7.70 x 8.60mm
Stone Weight: 6.13 carats
Stone Origin: Ratanakiri, Cambodia
Stone Shape: Cushion


Crown: Modified Brilliant
Pavilion: Step


Traditional Zircon Heat Treatment.


Comes with an original, Orloff of Denmark, Black Lacquer Ring Box.