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18K yellow gold ring, set with a 2,22 carat yellow sapphire. Flawless and completely natural with no treatments. Stunning! Lots of sparkle with a wonderful bright yellow color, similar to a Canary Yellow Diamond. Flawless and totally natural making this wonderful trillion yellow sapphire rare in today's market.


The Northern Frontier District (or NFD) of Kenya is a hot, dusty barren wilderness sparsely populated by nomadic tribesmen. It is here, among the short scrub and rock that this Fancy Yellow Sapphire was found in an area called Garba Tulla.

It was mined very recently, but it began growing as a crystal several hundred million years ago due to a process called metamorphism. As magma pushed its way up through the existing rock the contact between the invading magma and the older rock caused a change to occur. The intense heat made the nearby minerals recrystallize into minerals stable at the higher temperature. This fancy sapphire was one of these.

It was unearthed only months ago after so many millions of years and brought to Nairobi- the gem dealing capital of East Africa. Here, it was presented among a parcel of similar crystals. After negotiation it was bought and cut by Master – Cutter. A journey of hundreds of millions of years has ended here.

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