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18K white gold ring, set with a beautiful 2.35 carat tanzanite decorated with two oval 0.30 carat diamonds on each side.


Investment Grade Tanzanite

This class of Tanzanite belongs to the very top 1% mined and is very rarely seen in the market. We specialize in sourcing the few Tanzanite mined that meet this grade using our 20 year relationship with the miners and our proximity to the mines. Out of a thousand carats mined literally 9 or 10 will be of this grade. These colors are extremely rare and their rarity makes them attractive to investors.

A classic block D Tanzanite - very deeply saturated, intense color which is the hallmark of this mine. This stunning 2,35 carat oval cut has all the attributes of an investment piece. A beautifully cut piece with flawless clarity. An extremely fine top grade Tanzanite.

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